Sonoma Section 9

Campbell Cove, Bodega Head, to Valley Ford

Sonoma Section 9

Campbell Cove, Bodega Head, to Valley Ford

The CCT’s final Sonoma County leg offers a walk first on a beach with calm surf, then up a small creek. The last portion requires a long highway walk. We advocate public purchase of the undeveloped headlands between Bodega Bay and Dillon Beach so hikers can experience this dramatic landscape and CCT users can avoid the long highway walk. For now the only way to finish Sonoma County without trespassing across uninhabited, open farmland is to walk the highway.

To do this section as described, you must arrange a boat ride across the harbor mouth. Ask some fishermen at the Westside County Park boat ramp for a life. Without a boat ride, through-hikers must follow the Alternate Route, while day hikers can start at Doran Regional Park.

Our walk at Campbell Cove on the leeward side of Bodega Head and just inside the harbor jetty. Take the ¼-mile boat ride across Bodega Harbor to the dock at Doran Regional Park. CCT crosses the sand spit to the beach on the ocean side, but consider the ¼-mile side trip to the end of the spit. From there you can walk east along the entire ocean shore of Doran Spit.

Distance: 10 ½ miles (16.5 kilometers)

Open to: Hikers, Bicyclists

Surface: Beach, trail highway shoulder

Access point: Campbell Cove at Bodega Head

How to get there: Turn west off Highway 1 at the north end of the town of Bodega Bay onto Eastside Road, then turn west on Bay Flat Road and go 3 miles to the Campbell Cove parking lot where the road makes a sharp turn uphill.

Other access: Doran Regional Park, Pinnacle Gulch Trailhead, along Highway 1.

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation gain/loss: 420 feet+/380 feet-

Cautions: It is best to arrange a boat ride across Bodega Harbor ahead of time. The south end of Doran Beach may be flooded at high or medium tide.

Further information: None.

Facilities: Picnic tables at Campbell Cove, water and restrooms at Doran Regional Park, store and restaurants at Valley Ford.

Campgrounds: Doran and Westside Regional Parks and Bodega Dunes State Campground are all nearby.

Lodging: Lodges and B&Bs in Bodega Bay and Valley Ford.